Kiteretsu Encyclopedia HINDI Episodes (Pogo)

The protagonist is a scientific genius grade school boy named Kiteretsu, who has built a companion robot named Korosuke. He frequently travels in time with his friends and Korosuke in the time machine he invented. Miyoko is a girl in his neighborhood who is his friend. Tongari, another of his friends, surprisingly happens to share some similar traits of Suneo Honekawa . Buta Gorilla (Kumada Kaoru) is a typical neighborhood bully, whose behaviour is similar to Gian’s (Takeshi Goda), except that he often antagonizes Korosuke. There are more characters such as Taeko Sakurai and Satsuki Hanamaru, causing this to be a “self-parody” of Doraemon.
-Kiteretsu In HINDI POGO-

37 thoughts on “Kiteretsu Encyclopedia HINDI Episodes (Pogo)

  1. the episodes dubbed by pogo are worse than the episodes dubbed by hungama please try to upload the hungama dubbed episodes. please


  2. Hi tum kuch dino se kuch be upload nahi kar raha ho .yaar main tum bol bol kar Pagel ho gaya hu tum inzuma eleven episodes upload karoge jo be hai bol do


  3. please TNI upload inzuma eleven episodes in Hindi and beyblade season 2 please and i hope that the wating for infolinks error is fixed and will not occur any troubles in the future thanks for fixing it


  4. oh shit! pokemon hindi dub of hungama is better than the previous cn dub, but kiteretsu hindi dub of pogo is worse than its previous hungama dub! shit yaar…! hey tni please add hungama tv dub episodes of kiteretsu please!


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